Laayyoo - Ethiopia, Whole Bean Coffee

Laayyoo - Ethiopia, Whole Bean Coffee

ILSE Coffee
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We Taste: Blue Raspberry Compote, Dried Florals

Region: Uraga, Guji

Varietal: Heirloom

Altitude: 2100-2350 masl

Harvest: October-January 2020

Process: Natural

Size: 12oz

From the brand, ILSE: "This coffee comes from Sookoo coffee which is run by Ture Waji. Laayyoo is exploding with fruit flavors like blue raspberry candy, florals, and great sweetness all while being exceedingly clean."

"ILSE Coffee is a specialty coffee roasting company started by Rebecca Grossman and Lucas Smith. We are a small, two-person team in both business and in life! We focus on sourcing traceable coffees from small/micro producers whom we can build a relationship with and purchase from year after year. We are extremely transparent with our pricing as the most important thing for us is that the producers we are working with are paid fairly. We feature coffees that are sweet, flavorful and have a sense of origin. We roast our coffee in a way to bring out its natural beauty and truth which is a result of all the hard work done by the producer at origin."